That mold us. That change us. That influence us. That shape us. That define us.  

We’ve all experienced so many moments in our past. These moments, both good and bad, make up who you are. Cherish the hard experiences you’ve had. Acknowledge their worth in your journey, and grow from your past. 

The masks you’ll see here represent past emotions and feelings I experienced and grew from. I chose to use masks for this exploration as a way to express a physical representation of these emotions. 


Yin and Yang. Ups and down. Happiness and sadness.

The clashing feelings I had while growing up were sometimes hard to process. At times I would feel deep, quiet sorrow for something that had happened, like losing a friend, but I would also experience complete, pure happiness because a part of me knew it was a draining friendship. I would struggle with processing these feelings and at times felt I wasn't giving them the proper attention in order to work through each emotion. For a long time I didn't know what to do when this type of feeling arose but ultimately it taught me how to take a moment to reflect on exactly why I felt those opposing emotions and that it was ok to feel happy and sad at the same time.



Stuck in place. Can’t move. Unsure. 

There were times when I was young where I felt I couldn’t make up my mind about a decision. The more I mulled over it the more I felt there wasn’t an answer or I would be too afraid to make the wrong choice in fear of the consequences. Overcome with uncertainty I would end up not making a decision at all and one would be made for me. I didn’t know it but I was beginning to mold myself into someone who found safety in not making a choice, not standing up for myself, and not speaking my mind. In time, these experiences showed me that I didn’t want to end up trapped. I used those feelings to mold myself into a more positive and confident person.


Fighting for attention. Conflicting thoughts. Static. 

So many times I’ve felt total and utter confusion running rampant through my head. Thoughts, ideas, conversations, and tasks that all needed to be taken care of would overlap one another when trying to pick out which racing thought should take priority. Everything blurred together and individual ideas were no longer distinguishable. I combat this cloud of white noise and static by turning off my thought process rather than attempt to push through the fog. This resulted in teaching myself to give up and is something I still struggle with from time to time. But these experiences have taught me to take a step back from my racing mind and organize my thoughts before taking steps forward. I’m better at getting everything taken care of on a time frame I’m happy with. 


Here. Now. The Present. 

Each morning when I wake up I try to consciously remind myself that every choice I make will mold me. This motivates me to make decisions that I know will have a positive impact on my life now and in the future. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have horrible days or weeks where I can’t seem to motivate myself to do anything productive, we’re human, it happens. I still try to feel my emotions in full and acknowledge that the bad days are just as important as the good days, because every experience we encounter helps us is some way. You may not be able to change the past but with each new day, the power to choose how you’ll let each experience shape you, is yours.   

The past is set in stone but every new day is truly a gift. With each rise of the sun, you have every opportunity to make ourselves into something new and learn from your achievements and mistakes. You can pick up a new hobby, call an old friend and reconnect, take that first step into mending a relationship, meditate on decisions, practice your profession, and so much more. You csn choose to actively shape yourself into whatever you want others to perceive you as, and that is such an incredible thing. Look into your past, learn from it, and use today to start consciously molding yourself into someone you want to be.