The search for personal change is one that never ends. Progression is inevitable, necessary and rewarding. Some believe that progress is attained only through ones successes. These same people will argue that failure will push one backwards, yielding no positive results. This could not be more wrong. To believe these lies would mean that humans are set in stone and unable to change. This is undoubtedly blasphemous.

By looking at the successes and failures of life with a new perspective, one will see that regardless of the results of our actions, learning will take place. These life lessons will in turn, bring about change. It is important to recognize that growth is a choice. Finding success and learning from failure is dependent on ones actions. In essence, each persons life is under construction.

Life is continually a work in progress, with much unfinished business. In order for change to take place, initiative is required. Through a predetermined commitment to move forward, individuals can and will achieve the desired progress. The potential for each persons life is different and incomparable. Now is not the time to compare ones accomplishments to another, however, it is always appropriate to learn from each others successes and failures.

Change is personal, beautiful, thrilling, difficult, rewarding and most importantly worth pursuing. Ultimately, everyone has the potential for greatness because Nothing’s Concrete.

Best of luck on your journey through progression. May you always remember that Nothing’s Concrete.