Too often we are consumed with what we think we already know about those 
around us, thus prohibiting our ability to look past our preconceived conclusions
about them. If we listened simply to understand, our perspectives might change to
allow us to see the actual realities of those who need to be seen and heard the most...

What is your perspective?// {Do You_See Me?}


Project Photos

{Unfortunatley, due to Covid-19 the wholeness of the project wasn’t able to be produced. The bottom left photo is a smaller replica of what
was to be printed on the black wall with another ipad+phone along with a seperate perspective wall with hanging letters and a quote projection.}


My Project

I wanted to create a project around the concept of perspectives. We all judge each other in
some way or another, it’s just human nature... My goal is not to make us feel bad about this
fact of life but, simply to show how powerful our perspectives can be.

Because our views are imperative to how we assess situations, it becomes more important
to make sure we understand beyond our own biased opinions. Often we assume that
because we’ve seen a similar narrative we know the whole story and believe we understand
the reality enough. Do we take a singular perspective approach to the things we haven’t
experienced ourselves?  

What if we listened more than we spoke, saw more than what was given, and understood 
the lives of others entirely from their perspectives? How might our judgments change?
The concept: “walk a mile in my shoes” is a simple one, but maybe we wouldn’t have to
take off our shoes if we just looked and listened a little longer...



{Videos may not be
suitable for all audiences}//

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